University of Nebraska

Kristen Olson, Principal Investigator
Robert Belli, Co-Principal Investigator
Allan L. McCutcheon, Co-Principal Investigator
Leen-Kiat Soh, Co-Principal Investigator
Jolene Smyth, Co-Principal Investigator

Reducing Error in Computerized Survey Data Collection

With an overall goal of improving the quality of data derived from surveys, the research will be focused on accomplishing three objectives:

  • Evaluate the use of four diagnostic tools for: (a) identifying measurement errors in computer-assisted, interviewer-administered dtaa collection instruments and (b) informing visual redesign of common features of computer-assisted, interviewer-administered data collection instruments.
  • Evaluate the use of adaptive/responsive designs in which a dynamic modeling of collected data is used to modify the questionnaire as the data are being collected.
  • Evaluate the application of calendar- and time diary-based data collection methods to aid in the accuracy of behavioral self-reports by tailoring questions to the needs of individual respondents.