Graduate Training - University of Nebraska - 2011-2012

Graduate Training in Survey Methodology

  • 4 Graduate Research Assistants paid by NCRN
    • Tarek Al Baghal – graduated 2012;
    • Ana Lucia Cordova Cazar, current
    • Bryan Parkhurst
    • Rebecca Powell, current
  • 3 Graduate Research Assistants not paid by NCRN
    • Nuttirudee (Fay) Charoenruk, graduated Summer 2015
      • Charoenruk, N. (2015). Interviewer voice characteristics and data quality (Doctoral dissertation). Survey Research and Methodology. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.
      • Now employed at Chulalongkorn University
    • A. Lynn Phillips, MS, graduated May 2013
      • Current Ph.D. student in Marketing at UNL
    • Nicholas Ruther, MS, graduated May 2013
      • Employed at Abt SRBI


SRAM 898: Special Topics – Interviewer-Respondent Interactions (6 students)

This course examined both verbal behavior coding and conversational analysis as methods to ascertain the nature of the interaction between interviewers and respondents in survey interviewing. Also examined is how this interaction differs between conventional standardized interviewing and calendar interviewing. Concentration is placed on both theoretical prediction and empirical evidence concerning which specific interactions impact data quality. The course provides training to those who are, or may be, serving as graduate student research assistants in the NCRN, especially for objectives 1 and 3. Two course projects illustrate this training. In one project, students developed and implemented a behavior coding scheme with interviews conducted via a conventional standardized questionnaire. In a second project, students determined the interviewer variance that exists in verbal behaviors that have been observed in interviews conducted via a calendar instrument.

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