70th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research

Papers ranged in topic from evaluating causes of errors by interviewers in recording errors in CATI surveys to determining causes of breakoffs in web and time diary surveys.

•    Arunachalam, H., G. Atkin, A. Eck, D. Wettlaufer, L.-K. Soh, and R. F. Belli (2015). I Know What You Did Next: Predicting Respondent’s Next Activity Using Machine Learning

•    Atkin, G., H. Arunachalam, A. Eck, D.Wettlaufer, L.-K. Soh, and R. F. Belli (2015). Using Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Respondent Type from A Priori Demographic Information

•    Belli, R. F., L. D. Miller, L.-K. Soh, and T. Al Baghal (2015).  Using Data Mining to Examine Interviewr-Respondent Interactions in Calendar Interviews

•    Cordova Cazar, A. L., & Belli, R. F.  (2015).  The Use of Paradata to Evaluate Interview Complexity and Data Quality (in Calendar and Time Diary Surveys). 

•    Deal, C. E., Kirchner, A., Cordova Cazar, A. L., Ellyne, L., & Belli, R. F.  (2015).  Changing ‘Who’ or ‘Where’: Implications for Data Quality in the American Time Use Survey

•    Kirchner, Antje and Kristen Olson. 2015. Effects of interviewer and respondent behavior on data quality: An investigation of question types and interviewer learning.

•    McCutcheon, Allan L. (2015) Survey Informatics: The Future of Survey Methodology and Survey Statistics Training in the Academy?

•    McCutcheon, Allan L. (2015) The Role of Device Type and Respondent Characteristics in Internet Panel Survey Breakoff.

•    Olson, K. & Smyth, J. D. 2015. Why Do Interviewers Speed Up? An Examination of Chagnes in Interviewer Behaviors over the Course of the Survey Field Period.

•    Smyth, J. D. & Olson, K. (2015). Recording What the Respondent Says: Does Question Format Matter?

•    Soh, L.-K., A. Eck, and A. L. McCutcheon (2015). Predicting Breakoff Using Sequential Machine Learning Methods

•    Wang, Mengyang, Allan L. McCutcheon, and Laura Allen (2015) Grids and Online Panels: A Comparison of Device Type from a Survey Quality Perspective.

•    Wettlaufer, D., H. Arunachalam, G. Atkin, A. Eck, L.-K. Soh, R. F. Belli (2015). Determining Potential for Breakoff in Time Diary Survey Using Paradata.




May 14, 2015, 1:30pm EDT to May 17, 2015, 1:30pm EDT
Hollywood, FL
United States