Graduate Research Assistants - University of Nebraska - 2015-2016

Graduate Research Assistants paid by NCRN

  • 2 Computer Science graduate students
    • Pooja Ahuja
    • Hariharan Arunachalam
      • MS thesis: "Towards Building an Intelligent Integrated Multi-Mode Time Diary Survey Framework"
  • 5 Survey Methodology graduate students
    • Beth Cochran, current
    • Ana Lucia Cordova Cazar, current
    • Jinyoung Lee, current
    • Jerry Timbrook, current
    • Mengyang Wang, current

Graduate Research Assistants not paid by NCRN

  • Amanda Ganshert, MS Survey Methodology
Academic year: 
Aug-2015 to May-2016
Primary and cross-listed field of class or course: 
Number of students: