NCRN Meeting Fall 2011

Location: Census Bureau Conference Center Rooms 3-4

Registration: Registration Closed


Monday, December 19, 2011

9:00-9:30 am  Welcome and Goals of the NSF-Census Research Network
Robert Groves, Director, Census Bureau
Myron Gutmann, Asst. Director for Social, Behavioral, & Economic Sciences, National Science Foundation

9:30-  9:50  Data Integration, Online Data Collection, and Privacy Protection for Census 2020. Principal Investigator: Stephen Fienberg, Carnegie-Mellon University

9:50-10:00  Floor Discussion

10:00-10:20  Enhancing Federal Agencies’ Data Dissemination Capabilities. Principal Investigator: Jerome Reiter, Duke University

10:20-10:30 am  Floor Discussion

10:30-10:45 am  BREAK

10:45-11:05 am  Improving the Interpretability and Usability of the American Community Survey through Hierarchical Multiscale Spatio-Temporal Statistical Models. Principal Investigator: Scott Holan, University of Missouri at Columbia

11:05-11:15  Floor Discussion

11:15-11:35  Improving the Connection between the Spatial and the Survey Sciences. Principal Investigator: Seth Spielman, University of Colorado at Boulder.

11:35-11:45  Floor Discussion

11:45-12:05 pm  Development of Innovative and Transformative Approaches to Data Collection. Principal Investigator: Allan McCutcheon, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

12:05-12:15  Floor Discussion

12:15-1:15  LUNCH (on your own)

1:15-1:35  Linking Surveys to the World -- Administrative Data, the Web, and Beyond. Principal Investigator: Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

1:35-1:45  Floor Discussion

1:45-2:05  Integrated Research Support, Training and Data Documentation. Principal Investigator: John Abowd, Cornell University

2:05-2:15  Floor Discussion

2:15-2:35  Census Bureau Data Programs as Statistical Decision Problems. Principal Investigator: Bruce Spencer, Northwestern University

2:35-2:55  Floor Discussion

2:55-3:00  Closing Remarks/Conference Adjourns
Daniel Weinberg, Senior Research Scientist, Census Bureau

3:00-3:15  BREAK

3:15-4:45  Time for investigators to meet with each other and staff members (as appropriate) to discuss common issues.  One possible topic may be needs associated with the RDCs.  Other topics to be determined by investigators.

4:45-6:00  PIs/co-PIs meet with NSF and BOC senior staff (by invitation only)