Graduate Training - Nebraska - 2014-2015

8 Graduate Research Assistants paid by NCRN

  • 3 Computer Science graduate students
    • Hariharan Arunachalam, MS, will graduate Summer 2016
      • MS thesis: "Towards Building an Intelligent Integrated Multi-Mode Time Diary Survey Framework"
    • Douglas Wettlaufer
    • Adam Eck: Applied for Census Post-doctoral position
  • 5 Survey Methodology graduate students
    • Beth Cochran, current
    • Ana Lucia Cordova Cazar, current
    • Jinyoung Lee, current
    • Rebecca Powell, RTI
    • Mengyang Wang, current

3 Graduate Research Assistants not paid by NCRN

  • Nuttirudee (Fay) Charoenruk, graduated Summer 2015
    • Charoenruk, N. (2015). Interviewer voice characteristics and data quality (Doctoral dissertation). Survey Research and Methodology. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE.
    • Now employed at Chulalongkorn University
  • Caitlin Deal, MS, graduated May 2015
    • Now employed at American Institutes of Research
  • Austin Countryman, MS, graduated May 2015
    • Now employed at Nielsen

8 MS students (4 have graduated, of which 2 in doctoral programs)

Academic year: 
Aug-2014 to May-2015
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