Cornell University

Lars Vilhuber (Cornell University), Principal Investigator
William Block (Cornell University), Co-Principal Investigator
Warren Brown (Cornell University), Senior Researcher
Carl Lagoze (University of Michigan), Senior Researcher
John Abowd (Cornell University), Former Principal Investigator
Ping Li (Rutgers University), Former Co-Principal Investigator

The NCRN-Cornell node conducts research into Metadata Standards and Tools and their application in the context of confidential data and metadata, High-Dimensional Computational Statistics and their applications in various contexts, and on the Confidentiality and Privacy of data releases by private and public entities. We also teach about Understanding Social and Economic Data to a broad audience through videoconference and (soon) a version of the class in the style of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and we train graduate students and involve undergraduate researchers in our activities. We typically publish scientific articles, but we have also created online codebooks for a variety of datasets that can be viewed on a site that runs our own software (CED²AR).