Release of CED2AR (Metadata management and editing software)

We released CED2AR v2.9.0.0 for download. The software is deployed on our live CED2AR instances as well, including the live demo at

New Features

The following high level features have been added in this release:

  • New +Create tab in Manage codebooks page. – Allows the user to take a dataset (Stata or SPSS) and generate a basic DDI-C codebook. Finally, the new codebook is loaded into the CED2AR database. This is an experimental feature that works with file datasets. (The repository option has not been implemented.)
    User Documentation
    CDR-207, CDR-208, CDR-213, CDR-227, CDR-239, CDR-240
  • The Modify a Codebook page is now titled Manage codebooks – There were some minor UI changes to the v2.8 page, tabs and buttons. In v2.9, the new page title is Manage codebooks. The old Add tab is now Upload.
  • ced2ardata2ddi service added – A new SOA service has been added to support the conversion of datasets (Stata or SPSS) into DDI-C codebook format. (The SOA service is only used in the +Create tab. System administrators have the option of turning off this service. If the administrator unchecks the service, the +Create tab will not be displayed to the user.)
    Administrator Documentation
    CDR-213, CDR-227, CDR-239, CDR-240