Crowdsourcing metadata editor now in beta release at NCRN Cornell

User feedback has been a critical component of the Cornell Synthetic Data Server since its start, and the incorporation of user feedback into the synthetic data sets hosted on the Synthetic Data Server has contributed to their improvement.

Today, we released new tools to assist users of the Synthetic Data Server in the improvement of the datasets they used. In particular, we made tools for improving documentation. Documentation for the SIPP Synthetic Beta and the Synthetic LBD have been available at since 2014. These documents were developed entirely by  data curators. Users can now access the wiki version by selecting a codebook, for instance the SSB v6.02 codebook), and clicking “View crowdsourced contributions” on any page.


Highlight of contributions link on an official codebook page

Then, users can add or enhance the available documentation by logging in using their ORCID ID (


View of login icon

Then selecting the “pencil” icon to enter edit mode on any page, for instance for a particular variable:


View of pencil icon on variable page

All edits are identified to a user’s ORCID ID. The data curators may incorporate contributed changes into the official version in the future, but data users can consult the crowdsourced “wiki” version as it gets created.

We hope that you will contribute! This is still early-release software, so bugs or feature requests for the software should be reported to the NCRN Cornell node using the bug report feature at the bottom of each page: