Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI

Lagoze, Carl, William C. Block, Jeremy Williams, and Lars Vilhuber. "Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI." In 5th Annual European DDI User Conference., 2013.
Provenance is a key component of evaluating the integrity and reusability of data for scholarship. While recording and providing access provenance has always been important, it is even more critical in the web environment in which data from distributed sources and of varying integrity can be combined and derived. The PROV model, developed under the auspices of the W3C, is a foundation for semantically-rich, interoperable, and web-compatible provenance metadata. We report on the results of our experimentation with integrating the PROV model into the DDI metadata for a complex, but characteristic, example social science data. We also present some preliminary thinking on how to visualize those graphs in the user interface.