Joint Statistical Meetings (JSM) 2015

The 2015 Joint Statistical Meetings will take place August 8-13, 2015 in Seattle, WA. NCRN Researchers participate in the program, and this page lists a "virtual" program of sessions and activities with NCRN participation. NCRN members are bolded, speakers are in italics

Sunday, August 9:

Session: Advancing Research in Total Survey Error: Establishing New Links Between Multiple Sources of Survey Error

NCRN Speakers:

Monday, August 10:

Session: Bayesian Approaches to Record Linkage — Invited Papers

Chair: Steven Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University; Organizer: Mauricio Sadinle, Carnegie Mellon University


Discussant: William E Winkler, US Census Bureau

Session: Has Informed Consent Outrun Its Usefulness? — Invited Panel

Committee on Privacy and Confidentiality , Section on Statistical Consulting , Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee

Organizer(s): Alan F. Karr, RTI International (Duke/NISS node)

Chair(s): Alan F. Karr, RTI International (Duke/NISS node)


Has Informed Consent Outrun its Usefulness?


Frauke Kreuter, Joint Program in Survey Methodology
Helen Nissenbaum, New York University
Julia Lane, American Institutes for Research
Marjory Blumenthal, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Session: Big Data in the Environment — Invited Papers

Section on Statistics and the Environment , Korean International Statistical Society , Government Statistics Section , Scientific and Public Affairs Advisory Committee 

Organizer(s): Edward Boone, Virginia Commonwealth University

Chair(s): Edward Boone, Virginia Commonwealth University


Session: Recent Advances in Statistical Methodology for Small-Area Estimation and Federal Surveys — Invited Papers

Survey Research Methods Section , Government Statistics Section , Section on Statistics and the Environment 

Organizer(s): Scott H. Holan, University of Missouri

Chair(s): Darcy Miller, NASS

Discussant: John L. Eltinge, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Tuesday, August 11:

Session: Protecting Privacy While Maximizing the Utility of Government Data: Evaluating Current Approaches and Exploring New Alternatives — Topic Contributed Papers

NCRN Speakers: Synthetic Longitudinal Business Databases for International Comparisons — Joerg Drechsler, Institute for Employment Research ; Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University

Statistical Quality and Estimation Validation: Measuring the Benefits — Contributed Papers

Government Statistics Section , Committee on Applied Statisticians

Chair(s): Tamara Rib, IRS

Wednesday, August 12:

Session: Bayesian Approaches for Complex Data in Surveys - Topic Contributed Papers

Chair: Satkartar Kinney, National Institute of Statistical Sciences; Organizer: Hang Kim, National Institute of Statistical Sciences


Session: R.A. Fisher and the Statistical ABCs - Invited Papers

Stephen Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University

Recent Advances in Bayesian Time Series and Econometrics — Invited Papers

Business and Economic Statistics Section , Section on Bayesian Statistical Science , International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) 

Organizer(s): David S. Matteson, Cornell University

Chair(s): William B. Nicholson, Cornell University

Thursday, August 13:

Session: Privacy preservation and the use of synthetic data for public use statistics - Contributed Papers

Chair: Jerry Reiter, Duke University; Organizer: Lars Vilhuber, Cornell University


Discussant: John Abowd, Cornell University