NCRN Virtual Seminar

The NCRN Virtual Seminar is held at different locations throughout the network, every first Wednesday of the month. Nodes participate using videoconferencing equipment, from on-campus locations as listed under each event. Active participants can ask questions through the live video feed.

Participation via videoconference is open to interested parties, in particular at other non-NCRN universities and statistical agencies at the federal, state, and local level, as long as equipment requirements can be satisfied. For more information, contact

A streaming version of the NCRN Virtual Seminar is available simultaneously, by clicking on the link on each seminar's web page. The streaming version does not allow for interaction with the seminar participants.

All seminars are recorded. The recordings become available shortly after the end of the seminar, and will be available in our Library of NCRN Virtual Seminars. The link is the same as the streaming version, accessible on each seminar's web page.

For any additional information, contact Subscribe to the NCRN Virtual Seminar calendar feed.

There are no upcoming seminars at this time.