JSM2018: Statistical Partnerships in Excellence: Featuring SPAIG Award Winning Collaborations


With this year’s theme #LeadWithStatistics, how can we demonstrate and exemplify leading with statistical collaboration and partnerships throughout the statistical community and beyond?

The SPAIG Award was established in 2002 to recognize outstanding partnerships between academe, industry, and government organizations, as well as to promote new partnerships among these organizations. The award is sponsored by the Statistical Partnerships among Academe, Industry, and Government (SPAIG) committee of the American Statistical Association (ASA). It aims to recognize outstanding collaborations between organizations, while recognizing key individual contributors. Researchers, statisticians, and data scientists are challenged and tasked with leveraging evidence and gaining insights, generated from massive data. For example, observational studies and data mining may help evaluate outcomes, as well as inform policies.

In 2017, the SPAIG committee recognized and awarded two outstanding partnerships namely, (1) the National Science Foundation-Census Research Network (NCRN) has been a successful collaboration between the US Census Bureau and multiple universities across the US with the aim to provide support for conducting interdisciplinary research and educational activities on methodological questions of significance to the federal statistical system and research community, (2) the Laboratory of Analytical Sciences has been a highly productive collaboration between the North Carolina State University and the National Security Agency (NSA) to advance the security science needs of the NSA. This invited session highlights cutting-edge collaborative projects.

Specifically, there are three distinguished presenters and one discussant who will present on statistical methods and applications on the two winning collaborative projects, as well as soft skills needed to achieve successes. These examples will be extremely valuable to many statisticians across diverse areas of statistical practice, especially to those in smaller institutions or organizations.

The intellectual exchange that results is the key component of a partnership to ensure the successes of analyzing and leveraging big data. Therefore, these topics will have a wide appeal, given the increasing focus on collaboration, inter-disciplinary research and the emergence of complex data.

Jul 28, 2018 to Aug 02, 2018
United States