Undergraduate training - CMU - 2012-2013

Currently at Carnegie Mellon:
Nicole Crimi (Statistics),
Kevin Eng (Statistics),
Nick Ettlinger (Statistics),
Joseph Pane (Statistics),
Peter Sadosky (Economics and History)
Emily Furnish (Science and Humanities Scholars; International Relations & Politics)

Brittany Buggs (BS, Statistics (2012); Master’s, Heinz College)
Shannon Gallagher (BS, Mathematical Sciences; currently PhD Statistics)
Daniel In (Master’s in Statistical Practice)
Michael Pane (Master’s in Statistical Practice)
George Volichenko (Master’s in Statistical Practice)
Abbas Zaidi (Master’s in Statistical Practice)
Kairavi Chahal
Dahiana Jimenez
Karn Mishra
Sepideh Mosaferi
Jaime Trujillo
Olga Zubashko

Academic year: 
Aug-2012 to May-2013
Primary and cross-listed field of class or course: 
Number of students: