Undergraduate Research - CMU - 2014

Undergraduate Research is a small invitation-only statistical research class for top juniors and seniors in statistics, machine learning, mathematics, computer science, etc. Interested students apply in the fall; between 12-15 students are selected. Small groups of three or four students are paired with a faculty client often in another discipline whose project requires statistical expertise and methodology. Students work all semester on this project with feedback and guidance from both the course professor and the faculty client. The goal is to expose students to the research process. Students present their work in both report and poster format with the latter being at CMU's Meeting of the Minds Undergraduate Research Symposium. The below are projects aligned with the research of this node.

  • Deduplication of Civil War Killings in El Salvador 
    Daniel In, Karn Mishra, Joseph Pane 
    Faculty client: Steorts
Academic year: 
Jan-2014 to May-2014
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