Graduate Training - CMU - 2013-2014

Laura Brandimarte (Post-doc)
Maria Cuellar (Joint PhD program, Statistics and Public Policy)
Shannon Gallagher (PhD, Statistics)
Nicolas Kim (PhD, Statistics)
Samuel Ventura (PhD, Statistics)
Jerzy Wieczorek (PhD, Statistics)
Mauricio Sadinle (PhD, Statistics)

Anne-Sophie Charest (PhD, Statistics (2012), now Universite Laval)
Rob Hall (PhD, joint program, Statistics and Machine Learning (2012); now Etsy, Inc.)
Zach Kurtz (PhD, Statistics (2014), now at PNC)
Mikhail Popov (MSP, Statistics (2013), now UPMC Western Psychiatric Institute)
Michael Pane (MSP, Statistics (2014); BS, Economics-Statistics (2013))

Academic year: 
Aug-2013 to May-2014
Primary and cross-listed field of class or course: 
Number of students: