Graduate Training - CMU - 2011-2012

Maria Cuellar (Joint PhD program, Statistics and Public Policy)
Shannon Gallagher (PhD, Statistics)
Nicolas Kim (PhD, Statistics)
Samuel Ventura (PhD, Statistics)
Jerzy Wieczorek (PhD, Statistics)
Mauricio Sadinle (PhD, Statistics)
Michael Pane (MSP, Statistics; BS, Economics-Statistics (2013))
Zach Kurtz (PhD, Statistics)
Mikhail Popov (MSP, Statistics)

Laura Brandimarte (PhD, Behavioral Science (2012))
Anne-Sophie Charest (PhD, Statistics (2012), now Universite Laval)
Rob Hall (PhD, joint program, Statistics and Machine Learning (2012); now Etsy, Inc.)

Academic year: 
Aug-2011 to May-2012
Primary and cross-listed field of class or course: 
Number of students: