Short-Course - Conducting Research Using The Survey Of Income And Program Participation (SIPP) Introductory Workshop

H. Luke Shaefer, Assistant Professor of Social Work at the University of Michigan and National Poverty Center (NPC) Research Affiliate, led the workshop. Participants, who were selected through a competitive application process, developed an understanding of how SIPP data are collected and how they can be accessed, heard presentations of research done using SIPP data and had opportunities to discuss those projects, and extracted, worked with, and analyzed data from the public-use SIPP. The workshop provided the necessary foundations for participants to conduct their own SIPP-based research project.

The SIPP collects longitudinal subannual data on respondents’ income, labor force activity, household composition, health, migration, and eligibility for and participation in programs (e.g.TANF, WIC, Medicare, Medicaid, and numerous others). As such, it provides unique opportunities to examine the social and economic well-being of U.S. residents, and changes in residents’ experiences over time.

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