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Vilhuber, Lars. NCRN Meeting Fall 2016. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:45885, 2016, available at
Lee, Jinyoung. NCRN Meeting Fall 2016: Audit Trails, Parallel Navigation, and the SIPP. University of Nebraska Preprint 1813:45823, 2016, available at
Redding, Stephen J., and David E. Weinstein. NCRN Meeting Fall 2016: Scanner Data and Economic Statistics: A Unified Approach. University of Michigan Preprint 1813:45821, 2016, available at
Vilhuber, Lars. NCRN Meeting Spring 2016. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:45899, 2016, available at
Spencer, Bruce D.. NCRN Meeting Spring 2016: A 2016 View of 2020 Census Quality, Costs, Benefits. Northwestern University Preprint 1813:43897, 2016, available at
Brandimarte, Laura, Ernest Chiew, Sam Ventura, and Alessandro Acquisti. NCRN Meeting Spring 2016: Attitudes Towards Geolocation-Enabled Census Forms. Carnegie-Mellon University Preprint 1813:43889, 2016, available at
Mccue, Kristin, John Abowd, Margaret Levenstein, Dhiren Patki, Ann Rodgers, Matthew Shapiro, and Nada Wasi. NCRN Meeting Spring 2016: Developing job linkages for the Health and Retirement Study. University of Michigan Preprint 1813:43895, 2016, available at
Cazar, Ana Lucía Có, and Robert Belli. NCRN Meeting Spring 2016: Evaluating Data quality in Time Diary Surveys Using Paradata. University of Nebraska Preprint 1813:43896, 2016, available at
Belli, Robert F.. NCRN Meeting Spring 2016: The ATUS and SIPP-EHC: Recent Developments. University of Nebraska Preprint 1813:43893, 2016, available at
Caldwell, Carol, and Katherine Jenny Thompson. NCRN Meeting Spring 2017: 2017 Economic Census: Towards Synthetic Data Sets. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:52165, 2016, available at
Reiter, Jerry. NCRN Meeting Spring 2017: Differentially Private Verification of Regression Model Results. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:52167, 2016, available at
Clifton, Chris, Shawn Merill, and Keith Merill. NCRN Meeting Spring 2017: Practical Issues in Anonymity. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:52166, 2016, available at
Vilhuber, Lars, Alan Karr, Jerome Reiter, John Abowd, and Jamie Nunnelly. NCRN Newsletter: Volume 2 - Issue 4. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:42394, 2016, available at
Vilhuber, Lars, Alan Karr, Jerome Reiter, John Abowd, and Jamie Nunnelly. NCRN Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 1. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:44199, 2016, available at
Vilhuber, Lars, and Dory Knight-Ingram. NCRN Newsletter: Volume 3 - Issue 2. NCRN Coordinating Office Preprint 1813:46171, 2016, available at
Abowd, John M., and Kevin L. McKinney. "Noise infusion as a confidentiality protection measure for graph-based statistics." Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics 32, no. 1 (2016): 127-135. DOI: 10.3233/SJI-160958, available at
Vilhuber, Lars. The NSF-Census Research Network in 2016: Taking stock, looking forward. University of Missouri Preprint 1813:46210, 2016, available at