Steve Fienberg Featured in Chance Magazine

head shot of Steve Fienberg

A session honoring Steve Fienberg’s overarching contributions to statistics was held at JSM 2013 in Montréal, Québec, Canada. CHANCE was a sponsor of this special session, recognizing Steve’s more than 40 years of groundbreaking intellectual leadership to our profession. The magazine recently featured five articles by the presenters in that session, along with two interviews that were conducted of Steve in its November 2013 edition. Here are links to the articles:

Interview with Steve Fienberg

Stephen E. Fienberg’s Contributions to Categorical Data Analysis and the Social Sciences

Taking a CHANCE: An Interview with William F. Eddy and Stephen E. Fienberg

Steve the Bayesian

Stephen Fienberg: Cause or Effect? Node or Edge? A Comparative Study

Steve’s Contributions to Sample Surveys, Censuses, and Federal Statistics

Steve the Matchmaker: The Marriage of Statistics and Computer Science in the World of Data Privacy

Nonparametric Comparisons of Current Population Survey Panel Estimates