Of Possible Interest: U. S. Census Bureau Employment Information Sessions at the 2017 Population Association of America Annual Meetings (Chicago)

The U.S. Census Bureau is interested in meeting with qualified U.S. citizens with education and expertise in geography, demography, sociology, economics, and related social sciences.  We are looking for candidates at all levels of education.  Training in demographic analysis, survey research, geographic information systems, and/or quantitative data analysis of large datasets is preferred.  U.S. Census Bureau employees work on the following topics: population distribution; population estimates and projections; race and ethnicity; international technical assistance; housing; social and economic characteristics; employment; disability; health insurance coverage; and migration.

Representatives will meet with those interested in future careers at the U.S. Census Bureau during the Population Association of America (PAA) annual meeting in Chicago, IL.  We will conduct 30 minute informational sessions during the conference (April 27 and April 28) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in Conference Room 4C.  Please email David Zaslow to sign up prior to the conference or visit the Census Bureau's exhibition booth during the conference for any remaining slots.  Please share this invitation with all interested individuals.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for employment opportunities at www.usajobs.gov.

The Department of Commerce and the U.S. Census Bureau are Equal Opportunity Employers and encourage applicants from all sources.